India is a home of inequality – Dr. Ambedkar


India is a home of inequality. Hindu society is just like a tower which had several storeys without a ladder or an entrance. One was to die in the storey in which one is born. Hindu society consisted of three parts : the Brahmins, the non-Brahmins and the untouchables. He pitied the souls of those person who said that according to their philosophy there existed God in animals as well as in animate things and yet treated their co-religionist as Untouchables ! He lamented that not the spread of knowledge and literacy but accumulation and monopoly was the aim of the Brahmins. In his view the backwardness of the non-Brahmins was due to lack of education and power. In order to slave the Depressed Classes from perpetual slavery, poverty and ignorance, herculean efforts must be made, he asserted , to awaken them to their disabilities. – Dr. Ambedkar


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