Saheb Kanshi Ram – An epitome of struggle, sacrifice and success


Determination and dedication can change the course of history… Yes, it can be done! Salute to Saheb Kanshi Ram, who proved it by action.

Saheb Kanshi Ram – Master strategist, organizer, an epitome of struggle, sacrifice and success.

We should not forget the struggle and sacrifice of our Gurus and ideals. It is our duty to carry forward the caravan of struggle that our ideals started. First step is to read about our heroes and then spread their message.

Read book – Kanshiram – Leader of the Dalits (English)

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Kanshiram: Leader of the Dalits provides an incisive look into the life of Dalit icon, Kanshiram, and his journey to becoming one of the most influential political figures of India.

Read book – Dooja Dalit Masiha Babu Kanshi Ram (Punjabi)

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