Badminton Tournament Only for ‘Daivadnya Brahmins’


See the advertisement on a badminton tournament only for ‘daivadnya brahmins’! This is the real face of India and Indians, where people eat among their own castes, play within their castes, marry among their own castes, and are buried separately after death! Hindu caste system is such a virus that doesn’t leave a person even after death, people in India are created separately or are buried separately according to their castes.

Caste in India is everywhere, from food to marriage to with whom you play. Here is an advertisement for Daivadnya Brahmins badminton tournament.

Till when caste discrimination continue? When will Indians rise against Hindu caste system? Will people ever be able to live freely, without having to suffer because of this sick system?

Maybe not till the so called upper castes change their mindset and start treating humans as human and destroy all the religious scriptures those teach them to discrimination!

Brahmins and Badminton

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