Periyar's view on communists!


The communists have their office at a foreign place like Bombay or Delhi, they are only interested in exploiting us like the other foreign controlled parties. Janaskthi’s [CPI journal] editors are Brahmins and wherever Brahmin goes he is likely to support caste differences.

Periyar on Communists

Periyar on Communists

What Periyar said around 70 years back is still true. Still, almost all top posts in communist parties (or any other party except Bahujan Samaj Party) are held by so called Brahmins and upper castes, same was reported in newspaper few weeks back. So, only option for Dalit-Bahujans is supporting and voting for BSP, where decisions are made by Dalits.

Check out the caste discrimination by BJP, Congress, Communist parties etc. Ironically, parties like BJP and Congress criticize BSP for playing caste politics! They are the real castiest and Dalits should boycott these political parties.

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Casteism in BJP, Congress and Communist Parties

Casteism in BJP, Congress and Communist Parties

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