Jhalkari Bai – A Legendary Dalit Woman Warrior


Our first Dalit History month post is about the legendary Jhalkari Bai. She was a legendary Dalit woman warrior who played a crucial role in the Indian Rebellion of 1857 during the battle of Jhansi in the women’s army of Queen Laxmibai of Jhansi.

Jhalkari Bai

Jhalkari Bai

Born into a poor Dalit family, she started her career as an ordinary soldier and eventually rose to be the Queen’s trusted advisor. At the height of the battle she disguised herself as the queen and fought to let the queen escape safely out of the fort.

As she led her brave cadre of women into the British camp, she challenged even the General of the British Forces. His reply on meeting her: “If even one per cent of Indian women were like Jhalkari; the British would soon have to leave India.”

Her story lives on in Bundelkhand region of India and inspires Dalit women everywhere!

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