21st March in Dalit History




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    Harbans Lal Badhan

    “The whole world knows that Dr.Ambedkar, the great son of the Universe, is not only The Father of the Indian Constitution, but also an architect of New India.”
    (Harbans Lal Badhan)

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    Harbans Lal Badhan

    “The Indian Caste system is more dangerous and harmful than chemical weapons. It (Indian Caste system) is a great threat and challenge to world peace and unity. If you want to save the global society, annihilate the Indian caste system. It (Indian Caste system) kills the fundamental rights and human rights of an individual. Indian Caste system is rigid, cruel violent and worse than any kind of racial discrimination or slavery system.” (Harbans Lal Badhan)

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    Harbans Lal Badhan

    “The Untouchables (Dalits) of India want economic, social, political, religious and educational equality in Society, not in the eyes of God.”
    (Harbans Lal Badhan)

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      Harbans Lal Badhan

      “The whole world knows that Dr. Ambedkar is the heart and the brain of the untouchables (dalits) of India'”
      (Harbans Lal Badhan)

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