Free Download – "The Buddha and His Dhamma" book in Hindi, Marathi and English


Now, you have download The Buddha and His Dhamma book by Dr. Ambedkar in Hindi, Marathi and English from the following links.


To download the book in English, click here.

To download the book in Hindi, click here.

To download the book in Marathi, click here.

To get other books by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, click here.

Get More Marathi Books on Dr Ambedkar & Buddha (Free Download)

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  1. 14
    देवकवाड एस एस

    खूप च छान बेबसाईट आहे कारण नवनवीन माहीती घ्यायला मिळते

  2. 16
    Sindhav Nikunj Jagdishbhai

    i dont know who this started work but i would like to tell you. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I really needed all these books. Again thanks a lot

  3. 21
    narendra k sahare

    It’s a valuable collection I got from your link. More books on DR B R AMBEDKAR are pexpected. Thanks. For your great service to the naption.

  4. 23
    Hemant kumar Yadav

    Thanks for this. But most of the people are not know english.some person who know English are not able to read and understand actual meaning.
    So plz published in hindi.

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