Educational Biography of Dr B. R. Ambedkar


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Dr. B. R. Ambedkar (MA., Ph.D., M.Sc., D.Sc., Barrister-at-Law, L.L.D., D.Litt)

1. Elementary Education, 1902 Satara, Maharashtra

2. Matriculation, 1907, Elphinstone High School, Bombay Persian etc.,

3. Inter 1909, Elphinstone College,BombayPersian and English

4. B.A, 1913, Elphinstone College, Bombay, University of Bombay, Economics & Political Science

5. M.A, 1915 Majoring in Economics and with Sociology, History Philosophy, Anthropology and Politics asthe other subjects of study.

6. Ph.D, 1917, Columbia University conferred a Degree of Ph.D.

7. M.Sc, 1921 June, London School of Economics, London. Thesis – ‘Provincial Decentralization of Imperial Finance in British India’

8. Barrister-at- Law 30-9-1920 Gray’s Inn, London Law

(1922-23, Spent some time in reading economics in the University of Bonn in Germany.)

9. D.Sc 1923 Nov London School of Economics, London ‘The Problem of the Rupee – Its origin and its solution’ was accepted for the degree of D.Sc. (Economics).

10. L.L.D (Honoris Causa) 5-6-1952 Columbia University, New York For HIS achievements, Leadership and authoring the constitution of India

11. D.Litt (Honoris Causa) 12-1-1953 Osmania University, Hyderabad For HIS achievements, Leadership and writing the constitution of India

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LL.D. Degree Certificate of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar from Columbia University

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  1. 9

    The great God father of India nd Indian constitution is Dr.babasaheb ambedkar. ♥ plz don’t compaire to other. he is the one of precious diamond in the world.

    jay bhim jay bharat

  2. 22


    dr. amedkar ne sirf manv matra ka bhala nhi chaha balke puri manv jati aur pasu jati ak bhi bhal cha hey, jai se ki sarva janik place pe une marna aur unki htaya karna guna hey aise kanoon parit hu hey,a mandor me dalit ko jane nhai dete the uske liye unhone savidhan me article banay aur use aml bhi kiya.

    pehele k jamnane sirf manu vadi log apni mnamni karte the lekin aj un logo ki bolti bandh ho gai kyon ki aj aise kanoon parit ho gaye hey. DR. AMBEDKAR KO SIRF DALIT KA NETA MASIHAA NHI BALKE PURI MANV JATIKE LIYE EK AVTAR HEY, VO BHARAT RATNA NAHI WO TO VISHWA RATNA HEY


  3. 23

    Ambedkar decided to launch active movements against untouchability. He began with public movements and marches to open up and share public drinking water resources, also he began a struggle for the right to enter Hindu temples. He led a satyagraha in Mahad to fight for the right of the untouchable community to draw water from the main water tank of the town.

    On January 1, 1927 Ambedkar organised a ceremony at the Koregaon Victory Memorial,which commemorated the Indian soldiers who had died in the Second Anglo-Maratha War, during the Battle of Koregaon. Here he inscribed the names of the soldiers from the Mahar community on a marble tablet. In 1927, he began his second journal, Bahiskrit Bharat (Excluded India), later rechristened Janata (The People). He was appointed to the Bombay Presidency Committee to work with the all-European Simon Commission in 1928. This commission had sparked great protests across India, and while its report was ignored by most Indians, Ambedkar himself wrote a separate set of recommendations for future constitutional reforms.

  4. 29
    Ritesh fulzele

    Babasaheb ne dalitonke jo kiya he o dalit aj yah bhul chuka hai . Unone jo dalitonke liye kiya ahsan o sirf uchch shiksha prapt kr hi chuka sakta

  5. 43

    कर गुजर गये वो भिम थे,दुनियाको जगाने वाले भिम थे,हमनेतो सिर्फ इतिहास पडा है यारो,इतिहास बनानेवाले वो मेरे बाबा भिम थे. जय भिम.

  6. 52
    Pramod Ingle

    Words will not be enough to describe Babasaheb’s intelligence , dedication & efforts to make us feel very proud . He will be the only man who can complete the course before the scheduled time . Thanks very much to a real hero Babsaheb for making our life valuable . Jay Bhim , Jay Bharat !

  7. 53
    vijendra kumar jataw

    andho ko aankh gungo ko aawaj nari ko samman dalito utthan bhart ko sambidhan dene wale baba dr.b r ambedkar ko sat sat naman jay bhim jay bhart jay dalit samaj

  8. 54
    Pradeep Gawai

    Babasahab ne sbhi samaj ke liye Kam kiya samaj hi nahi balki desh ka savidhan likha desh ko ek disha di wo bharat Ratna ke sath vishwaratna hai aise mahamanav, yugpurush ko trivar vandan. JAYBHIM… JAY BUDDHA.

  9. 61
    prashant khartade

    excellant, commitment, revolutionary, pioneering, eye opening, great every human being must proud of this. he was greater than god but still man.

  10. 63

    Babasaheb is my GOD.He was not only a law minister he was also an great economist.The idea of RBI was given by him.
    jai bhim. you are the greatest man in world

  11. 65
    Ankur Pardhan

    Dr BR Ambedkar is the great personality and no one can stand in front of them.He makes his community republic,sovereign,socialist.and he is most talented person in the world..till start to end and his quotes keep your mind to keep struggle with that corrupted and cast maker.

  12. 74

    Dr. Babasaheb ambedkar ki echa thi aur aisahi. Hoga ek din sari duniya Dr. Ambedkar ko
    apna ke duddhist ho jayenge jarur hoga

    • 79

      He was totally against the caste system
      The Vedas enforces the caste system therefore Hinduism enforces the caste system but he was totally against the caste system and that is why he converted to Buddhism …so how can ‘YOU’ be a firm supporter of the Dr and at the same time be proud of your caste
      He wanted to do away with the caste

  13. 88
    Bharti Landekar

    Dr. Ambedkar give us our life , because no education – no knowledge, no knowledge – no sinsearity, no sinsearity – no disiplain , no disiplain – mean not ‘man’ … so dr. ambedkar is our god , our father, our …….

  14. 89
    Harkesh Kumar

    Dr. Ambedkar gave a sense of pride and self-respecf for those who were downtrodden, particularly ‘dalit’. He was the person who made us understand the value of education and the benefit of education in order to uplift the status at par with so called upper caste. His educational contribution is well evident and acknowledged even in European society. Educationally nobody was equivalent with Dr. Ambedkar. Life of Dr. Ambedkar is really an inspirational factor for everyone. I am very keen to become even a bit of Dr. Ambedkar, as I am well aware that nobody can replace him fully. Sometime I feel, what life would be without Dr. Ambedkar and then immediately a thought comes in my mind that he did not got as much from this nation as much he deserves. Nevertheless, his life is a ray of hope for every Indian and has given this nation a priceless gift i.e. “Constitution of India”. I salute Dr. Ambedkar for his contribution towards nation, on behalf of every Indian. HARKESH KUMAR-an admirer of Dr. Ambedkar

  15. 90

    praising baba saheb is not enough. if we want to fulfill his dream we have to unite and work for it. baba saheb liked only 3 things..i.e work, work and work….one should try to achieve the excellence because baba saheb said that his principle of life in “nothing is better than something” it means never satisfy with a small knowledge. jai bhim.

  16. 92
    Deepak Kumar

    Baba saheb Ambedkar ne desh ko Samvidhan diya aur unhone na kewal dalit varg ko manusmriti jalakar aajadi hi nahi di walki un pakhandi logo ko muh tod jabab diya jinhone Bhartiy samaj ko vargo mei bat diya!
    Bharat ratn Baba saheb ko sat sat Naman!
    jai Bhim!

  17. 93
    Deepak Kumar

    Baba saheb Ambedkar ne desh ko Samvidhan diya aur unhone na kewal dalit varg ko manusmriti jalakar aajadi di walki un pakhandi logo ko muh tod jabab diya jinhone Bhartiy samaj ko vargo mei bat diya!
    Bharat ratn Baba saheb ko sat sat Naman!
    jai Bhim!

  18. 94
    Deepak kumar

    Baba saheb is the greatest person in the world till now not pursued any person but today also someone hate but they did.t know that he is the one as indian gold and today some reality hidden about dr br ambedkar gandi and and more are nothing comperasion of dr ambedkar m unke jaisa to nhi but but unke character ko pursuing karna chachyta hu so DR BR AMBEDKAR AMAR RAHE JAI BHIM JAI BHARAT ……

  19. 96
    Pramanic Bhartiya

    Dear brothers/Sisters,
    to know intentionally Hidden secrets of India’s poverty.
    copy following with quotes& paste in Youtube
    “Unreported India – Broken People” 3 VIDS
    “India Untouched – Darker side of India ” 4 VIDS indias hidden secret for centuries
    “Untouchability – Dignity for All “.
    someof these videos has taken 4 years to shoot and journey of 25000 km to Record brutal, fatal & intentionally Hidden Reality.
    please give few mins to know “Secret of INDIA’s Poverty”.

  20. 100
    Jeevan Dhumal

    Mahamanav parmapujya Dr.B.R.Ambedkar is one of the greasteeeeeest leader of india…………………………………………….kalam ka badshah…………………………………………………………..Dr.Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar

  21. 111
    sunil shekhar

    Bhagwan shankar us time shudra ke liye kuch ni kar the to tab phir unhone baba saheb ke rup me dharti per aye the baba saheb bhagwan shankar ke avtar me dharti per aye

  22. 113

    who was the gretest indian after gandhi ? esme hamare baba ka nam honahi nahi chahiye tha quki hamare baba nirvivad great hai eske liye voto ki jarurat nahi hai “JAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII BHIM”

  23. 116


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