Please visit and support Jai Bhim Network, Hungary


Few days’ back, as I wrote on the Jai Bhim Network (Hungary) and new church law prohibiting Jai Bhim Network from its activities. Jai Bhim Network has launched new website to appeal Buddhists, well-wishers and guards of freedom around the world to support Jai Bhim Network, Hungary.

Please visit the link and support Jai Bhim Network.

Dr Ambedkar in Hungary – Activities of Jai Bhim Network, Hungary

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  1. 7
    Sonawane Satishrao W.

    Greatest uncomparable revolutionary, crores unteachables (which called recently SC,ST,OBC,NT,DNT,VJNT,SBC,and Converted Minorities in india’s) massiha,father of COI Dr.B.R.Ambedkar was a deterioriater of Brahmnical Social Order (BPC) of ,”Change of System”(Vyawasthha Parivartan).
    Jai Bhim for every follower of this movement. Thanks.
    -Satishrao Sonawane.

  2. 11
    Sakya Mohan

    Jai Bhim! I believe the liberation philosophy of Bodhisatta Babasaheb Ambedkar will also liberate the suffering Roma Brothers and Sisters. As Dr. Babaseheb says, our struggle is for the reclamation of human personality and it will be achieved among our Roma people. Lord Buddha’s Dhamma will guide us. My humble Metta to all Dhammachari Subhuti and other Dhammamitras who work for the good cause. Jai Bhim to all.

  3. 14
    जी पी चौधरी

    I have attended meditation program organised by Maitree Parva samoroh samiti India and Dhammakaya Foundation Thiland on 14.10.2012 RDSO Lucknow About 5000 participants
    presented on above program . I have keen interest in Baba Shahab Dr. Ambedakars Philosphy . my mob. no. 09415451519

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