Mayawati to address rallies in Haryana


Mayawati to address rallies in Haryana

Ms. Mayawati will address public rallies on April 4 at Ambala and Jind and on April 5 at Faridabad.

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No alliance with other parties: Mayawati

“BSP believes in doing much and talking less… we hope to get good results in these elections,” – Mayawati

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Mayawati never projected herself as PM candidate: TDP

India may vote for untouchable leader

More than 60per cent of India’s population live on less than $2 a day, so it is hardly surprising the poor and disenfranchised are politically motivated. Dalits – who sit at the bottom of India’s rigid caste system – represent 16 per cent of the population, 175million out of a total 1.1 billion people.

“Mayawati is Chief Minister of a state which has as many people as Brazil (190 million) so we should look at her party seriously,” Professor Rangarajan told The Australian.

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